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Our Best Personal Loan Rate




Comparison RATE


*The comparison rate is based on a loan of $25,000 for a term of 5 years. WARNING. This comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate.


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Need a Personal Loan?

How Do Personal Loans Work?

Low Interest Rate Personal Loans are one type of loan available to consumers. As the name suggests a Personal Loan is for people not businesses. But many business people use them as well as they’re easier to apply for than a business loan. The responsibility for the payments or the liability is with the person. A Personal Loan is a type of credit that you can get from a bank or lending institution that helps you finance something for a personal purchase. This includes cars, boats, TV’s or anything you want to buy. However there are secured and unsecured Personal Loans in Australia with different Personal Loan interest rates. And lenders have different rules about what they will lend for. You can read more below. A cheap Personal Loan Interest Rate works like any loan, you have an interest rate applied to the original amount of money you have borrowed. And this must be paid off over the term of the loan.


How to compare Personal Loans with Finance Monster?

Comparing Personal Loan Interest Rates with Finance Monster is easy, first you need to work out what sort of Personal Loan you are interested in or best suits your needs. The best Personal Loans rate depend on many things. Like the loan type, there are unsecured loans and secured loans, so use our quick quote tool to help you choose. If your looking for the best Car Loan rates we have for Personal Loans try looking under our car section for more car loan choices. Personal Loan comparison can be easily performed via our website, simply follow the easy steps and you will be able to compare Personal Loan types and compare Personal Loan interest rates. A Finance Monster finance broker can also perform Personal Loan comparison over the phone.


How to find the right Personal Loan

There’s no ‘right Personal Loan’ that suites everyone. Because the right loan depends on each individual’s needs and situation. To help find the right loan for you, here are a few things to keep in mind and they will ask via our quick quote Personal Loan form.

  • Purpose of the Loan
  • Interest rates
  • Financial Circumstances
  • Credit history
  • Loan Term
  • Fees


Medical Loans

Personal Loans can even be used for medical procedures. There are lenders that will allow you to use your Personal Loan for medical reasons such as cosmetic surgery or dental work. Cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly common in Australia, but that doesn’t mean that all of these procedures are covered by your healthcare provider. So a medical loan is a great way to fund those shinny new teeth.

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Our Best Personal Loan Rate




Comparison RATE


*The comparison rate is based on a loan of $25,000 for a term of 5 years. WARNING. This comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate.

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Outlined below are different Personal Loan types. This is to help you understand and choose finance rates and explain how different loans work. Our quick quote form will help you select.

low_rate_personal_loans Low Interest Rate Personal loans

There are many various Low Interest Rate Personal Loans, from fixed to varying interest rates. If you would like to make a purchase but don’t have the funds now a low interest rate personal loan is a great idea. But you need to understand the terms about the loan, some loans have low interest now and higher interest rates in the future.

fixed_rate_personal_loans Fixed Rate Personal Loans

How do Fixed Rate Personal Loans work? All Personal Loans have interest rate charges. Fixed Rate Personal Loans have a set interest rate for the life of the loan. Instead of a variable interest rate can change as the cash rate does. A Fixed Rate Interest Personal Loan means you know what you will pay back each month for the life of the loan.

variable_rate_personal_loans Variable Rate Personal Loans

Variable Rate Personal Loans are not as common as Fixed Rate Personal Loans. They simple mean that the interest rate is variable like a Variable Rate Home Loan but for a Personal Loan. This means your monthly repayments can change with the cash rate so its not fixed. Pros of a Variable Rate Personal Loan are that as the cash rate drops you save money on interest charges.

unsecured_personal_loans Unsecured Personal Loans

Unsecured Personal Loans basically means as the name suggested that an asset such as a car does not secure the loan. Therefore they carry more risk for the lenders and they build this into the interest rate. Unsecured Personal Loans usually come with a higher interest rate than a Secured Personal Loan. But you can use the money to buy what ever you want, like a holiday!

secured_personal_loans Secured Personal Loans

Secured Personal Loans are usually sued to buy assets such as car, boats & motorbikes. They have much lower interest rates than Unsecured Personal Loans, as the bank has security over the asset until you pay off the Secured Personal Loan. Secured Personal Loans to buy assets are much easier to get as they lender as an asset to sell fi you default on the loan repayments.

personal_car_loan Personal Car Loan

Personal Loans for cars can either be secured or unsecured. If the vehicle is new less than 2 years old the banks will hold security over the asset usually. For example if the car is older they may ask for your personal name to be the security. It does depend a lot on the lender and what you would to buy. It’s best to read more about Car Personal Loans here or speak to a car finance broker with Finance Monster.

debt Debt Consolidation Personal Loans

Debt Consolidation means bringing debts from other lenders over to a new lender. Debt Consolidation Personal Loans are usually used for people who may want to pay out credit cards that come with higher interest rates to a lower interest rate via a personal loan. For people who are struggling with repayments because they cant afford the interest they turn to a Debt Consolidation Personal Loan to lower their monthly interest repayments. They are a great idea if you have over spent.

bad_credit_personal_loans Bad Credit Personal Loans

Having a bad credit rating doesn’t mean lenders wont deal with you. It just means you need to clean up your act, we can help you clear your name with Bad Credit. Once we have done this we can help you apply with lenders who will deal with people for Bad Credit Personal Loans. If it’s a short-term loan then payday loans are a good idea for people with bad credit. But if it’s for an asset backed loan such as car its much easier.

line_credit_personal_loans Line of Credit Personal Loans

Line Of Credit Personal Loans are a preapproved spending limit for you. They work much like a credit card but the limits are higher and the interest rates are much cheaper. Trades people use Line Of Credit Personal Loans frequently as they are able to buy supplies and then pay it back after the job is completed. The best part is you need to keep doing separate applications for credit, you have a pre approved line of credit personal loan.

personal_loan_calculator Personal Loan Calculator

Try out Personal Loan Calculator to see if you can afford your personal loan. Many people get them selves into trouble with credit, as they don’t factor in the repayments that will need to be made each month. See if you can afford your personal loan via our personal loan repayment calculator. People use personal loans for many varying things and there us usually a personal loan that will help. Talk to a Finance Monster finance broker today.

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